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Quality Swim Instruction

Swim classes for infants through adulthood run by current and past competitive swimmers.

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Swim and
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Our Philosophy - Over the years, Delaware Swim School has been instructing thousands of children and adults. It is understood that everyone who enters the pool for his or her first lesson brings some fear or anxiety. Our job starts here. We take each individual and start to build security and trust. The goal is to have each person enjoy and appreciate the water.

Learning to swim is a gift that we love to give to everyone. To achieve this goal, we use the “Love and Logic” method developed by Jim Fay and David Funk. Relationships are built, not only with the children, but with the parents.

With great patience and love the children develop trust and security within themselves, the instructor, and the water. By offering children choices, self-esteem is strengthened. We can only teach children the knowledge; they must willingly use it. Regardless of performance, these children have our unconditional respect and are treated with dignity.

Our Approach

Learning to swim is a gift that we love and wish to give to everyone. To achieve this, our methodology focuses on developing relationships not only with the children, but also the parents. Our goal is to make each student comfortable so they can thoroughly enjoy and appreciate the water!

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Our 2 Locations

  1. 4905 Mermaid Boulevard
    Wilimington, DE 19808
    Phone: (302) 268-8014
  2. 2150 New Castle Avenue
    New Castle, DE 19720
    Phone: (302) 268-8014

Infants & Toddlers

Our experience has taught us that when children begin swimming lessons at an early age, they learn quickly, become confident in their abilities, and set their sights on competing at a higher level.


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Children & Adults

It’s never too late to learn all of the strokes and become a fully-capable swimmer. Our instructors are practiced in teaching swimming to students of all ages and skill levels. We’re confident that we can teach you how to swim!

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Skills & Strokes

We work to teach full knowledge of all 4 competitive strokes and students who are old enough to compete will also learn proper competitive skills like flip turns, diving, and sportsmanship.


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Patience & Respect

With great patience and love, our swimming students develop trust and security within themselves, the instructor, and the water. Regardless of how much their times and techniques improve, all swimming students are treated with respect.

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